Server Rules

1. Cheating and Exploiting

Cheating in any form is not allowed. Anything that gives you an unfair advantage over other players is considered cheating. This includes hacked clients and abusing server bugs - x-ray, duping, flying, auto-clicking. Certain mods are allowed, ask staff about them.

2. Chat Behaviour & Discord Rules

Be respectful towards other people
Everyone deserves to be spoken to and addressed in a respectful manner.

Harassment, hate speech, discrimination is not allowed.
Attacking people based on race, ethnicity, national origin, sex, gender, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, or disabilities is not allowed and will result in a permanent ban.

Use English on the server.

Most people here speak English. While other languages are just equally as important, we don't want people to feel left out.

Do not spam.
You are not allowed to send the same message multiple times in chat in a short amount of time.

Sexually explicit/NSFW images, links, and content overall is prohibited.
This is not the place for it.

Advertisement is only allowed if it's your own personal content such as Youtube channels, Twitter pages, Twitch Channels, etc. If you're unsure of what you're posting, contact staff.

The Discord Server rules are somewhat identical to Discord's Community Guidelines, so please take a look here

3. Community Gameplay Guidelines - Vanilla Server

Griefing is considered destroying other player's buildings without their consent. Respect other player's boundaries.
Repair damage caused by mobs.
PVP is turned on on the server but is not allowed. You can do PVP, but only if it's been agreed upon.
- No stealing - Don't take anything from other players without their permission. All chests are private unless marked otherwise.

Land Claims
- You are allowed to claim any spot on the map, as long as it's outside the Spawn area. Check the dynmap for reference.
- Claiming land is easy - just place down a few signs or build.
- Do not build too close to other player's without their consent - respect their boundaries.
- Small dirt huts can be removed with staff permission if the player has been innactive for a while.

Spawn Rules
Everyone can build on spawn as long as they have permission from staff and their builds are lag-free.
- Complex redstone builds are not allowed at spawn.
- Shops are allowed at spawn, if there's a marketplace built prior to that. (We do not have one at the moment, maybe you can make one)
- Personal bases are not allowed at spawn.

How do I get permission to build on spawn?
- Make your build on creative and provide screenshots to staff.
- If you're building a town or market, where you are in complete control, build it outside of 500.

Do not break any spawners, just disable them by placing torches down. In case it's blocking your base or a build, you are allowed to break it.

4. Community Gameplay Guideliness - Skyblock Server

Skyblock is still under development.

5. Community Gameplay Guidelines - Classic Server

* Do not grief

By grief we mean breaking other players blocks and buildings. Even if you are a new player, you will easily recognize what's built by players and what was generated by the game.

* Do not steal.

We have a plugin that allows players to lock their doors, chests and furnaces, but sometimes, players forget to lock something. Do not steal from players!

* Fly, X-ray and other hacks are not permitted.

Flight on the server is forbidden. X-ray and other hacks are forbidden as well. If we catch you hacking, you'll be permanently banned.

* Spam and flood is forbidden.

Advertising other servers in Moo North chat is forbidden. It's punished by permanent IP ban.

* All traps are forbidden.

All traps to kill other players outside PVP are forbidden. It is punishable by temporary ban.

These are the most important rules on the server. Administrators can ban players at their discretion.

We usually do not ban permanently, but if a user is extremely impudent, they will receive a permanent ban.